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    ピットロード 1/700 日本海軍軽巡洋艦 夕張 プラモデル キット紹介

    ピットロード 日本海軍 1/700 軽巡洋艦 夕張 プラモデルのキット紹介です。


    Pit Road Japanese Navy 1/700 light cruiser Yubari plastic model kit introduction.

    Solomon Naval State will be released in May 2021 and the final time will be in 2022.



    The water line series has a Tamiya kit from over 40 years ago. I have made one too. It is still sold at a low price, and at the time it was highly accurate, and I think it will still have value in 2022.


    A long-standing problem with this Tamiya kit is that it was set in its final state with the No. 1 and No. 6 main guns removed. Remodeling to the state where the No. 1 and No. 6 main guns existed was surprisingly difficult because it was necessary to scrape off the high-angle gun pedestal on the deck.



    The reason why Tamiya chose the final state is in the existing drawings.

    ピットロード 1/700 日本海軍軽巡洋艦 夕張 プラモデル キット紹介
    今日の話題社 海軍公式図面集



    The drawings of Yubari recorded in this book are in the state of 1944, and there is no 1st gun and 6th gun. Hara Shobo’s drawing collection contains only cross-sectional views.

    I think that Tamiya chose the final time because there are drawing materials and there are probably few mistakes.

    ピットロードの1/700 夕張


    A new kit has been released from Pit Road based on new materials and research. It is during the Battle of the Solomons with the 1st gun and the 6th gun.


    Of course, it is also on sale at the end


    ピットロード 1/700 日本海軍軽巡洋艦 夕張 プラモデル キット紹介


    It is a standard parts split for the left and right split type.

    ピットロード 1/700 日本海軍軽巡洋艦 夕張 プラモデル キット紹介



    The seams of the mold on the ship’s side are reproduced. Of course, it’s completely overscale, so it’s a model-like production. Both concave and convex molds are model-like productions, so I think any method is fine.

    The bow is a method of only one side instead of pasting together at the bow. I can sharpen the tip, and I think it’s a good method.

    ピットロード 1/700 日本海軍軽巡洋艦 夕張 プラモデル キット紹介


    Since the degaussing electric circuit is molded, it will be in the state just before the outbreak of the Pacific War.

    ピットロード 1/700 日本海軍軽巡洋艦 夕張 プラモデル キット紹介


    Water line and full hull selection type, even in the water line state, the seam with the draft plate does not come out, so there is no need to erase the seam. In addition, the hexagon for the fixing nut is also open.


    ピットロード 1/700 日本海軍軽巡洋艦 夕張 プラモデル キット紹介


    A linoleum deck with vertical linoleum restraints found in relatively recent research. The convex mold looks a little high, but if you are concerned about it, you can shave it off a little.

    ピットロード 1/700 日本海軍軽巡洋艦 夕張 プラモデル キット紹介


    The upper structure is reproduced with a small number of parts using a slide mold. well done!

    ピットロード 1/700 日本海軍軽巡洋艦 夕張 プラモデル キット紹介


    I personally noticed the chimney

    ピットロード 1/700 日本海軍軽巡洋艦 夕張 プラモデル キット紹介


    The division method is unique. I think it’s probably because of the trouble of painting separately, but there is also the advantage that the short chimney makes it easy to remodel to Yubari at the time of completion.

    ピットロード 1/700 日本海軍軽巡洋艦 夕張 プラモデル キット紹介


    The bridge window frame is not a separate part. If you think about the etching of the window frame, it might have been good to have a separate part.


    ピットロード 1/700 日本海軍軽巡洋艦 夕張 プラモデル キット紹介


    Tamiya’s boat davids were wrong, but they’re in the right shape.

    ピットロード 1/700 日本海軍軽巡洋艦 夕張 プラモデル キット紹介
    ピットロード 1/700 日本海軍軽巡洋艦 夕張 プラモデル キット紹介


    It’s not as good as Nanodread, but it comes with a good machine gun.


    ピットロード 1/700 日本海軍軽巡洋艦 夕張 プラモデル キット紹介
    ピットロード 1/700 日本海軍軽巡洋艦 夕張 プラモデル キット紹介


    As for the boat, it comes with the Pit Road NE series.


    ピットロード 1/700 日本海軍軽巡洋艦 夕張 プラモデル キット紹介


    Dedicated photo-etched parts are also available. 3D printer parts and metal gun barrels are also included.




    The tips for photo-etched parts are written over and over again

    “Don’t try to use it all”

    Think of it like a buffet style meal.


    まいど! maido
    まいど! maido


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