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    童友社/アカデミー 1/700 タイタニック プラモデル 電飾完成品

    童友社/アカデミー 1/700 タイタニック プラモデル 電飾 完成品

    Doyusha/Academy 1/700 Titanic plastic model illuminated finished product




    This luxury liner was built in 1912 and collided with an iceberg on its maiden voyage. It’s famous because it’s been made into a movie.




    童友社/アカデミーの 1/700タイタニックをベースに以下パーツと機構を組み込みました

    1 ファイブスターモデルのエッチングパーツ

    2 シップヤードワークスの木製甲板シート

    3 マスターの金属製マスト

    4 簡単に電池交換出来る又は外部電源で、なおかつ電球色の電飾

    5 モンモデルの1/700タイタニック

    This time, I mainly used the illuminated version of Doyusha’s Titanic, but this was my second time building this kit, and I had to put in too much, so it took quite a while.

    In this production

    The following parts and mechanisms are incorporated based on his 1/700 Titanic from Doyusha/Academy.

    1 Photo-etched parts of the Five Star model

    2 Wooden deck sheet from Shipyard Works

    3 Master’s metal mast

    1. Easily replaceable batteries or external power source, light bulb-colored illumination

    5 Mont Model’s 1/700 Titanic

    問題点1 そもそもが電飾を前提としていない


    As those who produced Doyusha/Academy’s Titanic may know, it was originally an MCP (colored plastic) kit, and it was not designed to have any illumination in the first place. Therefore, gaps tend to appear in each part, and above all, the range of illumination is rather small as it is, and a considerable amount of processing is required to distribute the light to all the audience seats. In particular, the joint with the upper part of the hull did not fit perfectly, probably because a metal holder was added for the lights. The original idea was probably that it could be glued together using the elasticity of the plastic on the hull and the top. I filled in this gap with the actual item, and luckily there was a place where the yellow line would fit, so I managed to put it all together.

    問題点2 ファイブスターモデルのエッチング


    I’ve made photo-etchings for the Five Star model before, but I omitted a lot of them in the previous work. The difficulty level of this photo-etched part was quite high, and the amount was quite large. Furthermore, the compatibility with the Shipyard Works wooden deck was extremely poor, so in the end I ended up using two sets each of the Shipyard Works wooden deck and the Five Star Model etching.

    問題点3 電源供給




    In order to be able to light up semi-permanently and supply power, devices in 2023 will have only one choice: LEDs from USB. Since we don’t want a fire to break out in the unlikely event of a fire, we investigated the USB specifications in detail, abandoned the USB-typeC wiring, and replaced it with the USB-typeA wiring.

    As a result, we ended up with a rather acrobatic structure by raising the bottom part of the acrylic case and wiring the USB cable, but as a result, we were able to operate it with an AC adapter and also with a mobile battery, which gave us a lot of freedom in exhibiting. This is an extremely expensive method.

    You can also change the amount of illumination in several steps.


    童友社/アカデミー 1/700 タイタニック プラモデル 電飾完成品
    童友社/アカデミー 1/700 タイタニック プラモデル 電飾完成品
    童友社/アカデミー 1/700 タイタニック プラモデル 電飾完成品
    童友社/アカデミー 1/700 タイタニック プラモデル 電飾完成品

    童友社/アカデミー 1/700 タイタニック プラモデル 電飾完成品
    童友社/アカデミー 1/700 タイタニック プラモデル 電飾完成品
    童友社/アカデミー 1/700 タイタニック プラモデル 電飾完成品

    童友社/アカデミー 1/700 タイタニック プラモデル 電飾完成品
    童友社/アカデミー 1/700 タイタニック プラモデル 電飾完成品


    童友社/アカデミー 1/700 タイタニック プラモデル 電飾完成品
    童友社/アカデミー 1/700 タイタニック プラモデル 電飾完成品


    まいど! maido
    まいど! maido


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